Sunday, September 19, 2010

chapter 6♥ -Hold me close & promise never let me go

if you love me as much as you say,
show me before someones start walk to my way.

hello :)

Here i am again :) whoahh! today is 19th sept, its mean my boyf gonna leave today :) oh well, i tell myself many time that i cant cry infront of him but i still repeat and repeat did it,but luckily end up i still smile and say goodbye to him. :) Alrite, i'm actually worry about him right now because dunno whether he's fine at there a not but i know he will take care himself :) i trust you boy, u gotta do it by urself kay :) And i will be here waiting for you everyday to come back :D is reopen tomoro again :( its mean i have to start do bac my account folio,tuition and homeworks again!!! duhh~ actually i feel so sick all this but i have to do it even i dislike it because i'm a student and i want a good future :) so i have to study!! last term exam i think is comin soon again, honestly i really not yet touch my book yet :D but i will catch up as fast as possible. I not hope for my last term exam will get flying colours but at least give me pass all my subject then its enough,except add maths :) Add maths is seriously very hard and for me if have a lil bit improvement i also very happy and satisfied :D

Well, did u guys realise that mooncake festival is coming soon? :D I'm quite exciting bout it actually because i can have a chance to play and chit chat wif my cousin :) Hmm...i know that baby gonna celebrate by ownself but if possible you come back and celebrate it with your family kay :) And of course you have to back this fri to celebrate our 10th month anniversary :) Alrite, you should know what happen if you din come back tis week :D Baby, i will miss you every moment,so that we have to work hard together kay :) *hugs*

when you realize you want to spend
the rest of your life with somebody
you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible

(to:edwin lee woei lin)
iloveyoubaby :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

chapter 5♥ -ni bu zhi dao de shi,你不知道的事

i just wan you to hug me one more time,
because the only thing in this world tht scares
me is that i'll never feel that safe again.

hi :)

I have been so long that i didn't update my blog ad. Some of my friend call me to update but i really don't know what to write or how to start and end :) Normally i will update my blog when i'm super free and happy, but today maybe a lil different :) Actually i'm very weird person too, normally ppl will express their feeling in facebook or blog,but me is express to my mom or jus my close friend. Well, actually today i'm goin to express some of my feelings at here. I don't know how are the readers,friend or ppl will think or see bout me,but i'm really down right now. So hope u guys understand or jus ignore it? :)

Alrite,now every student is enjoying their holidays or some maybe not? Because some of them maybe stay at home cause of parents not allow them to go out. Or maybe some of them are busy with their part-time jobs,to find some pocket money to hang out with their loves one and friends :) haha... i know maybe some of my friends are saving money to but their idol stuff or song album to support their idol :) Actually sometimes i feel, maybe we have an idol to imagine them as our boyf is also a happy things, because at least we can find some happy things to make our life more colourful better than we cry bout because argue with our partner or maybe others stuff :) Hmm... never know that i crap so much ad, i think i have to say back about my topic right now :)

Alrite, my boyf going to leave soon :) He will be going to nilai to study for 3 months plus,but he will bac every fri,sat and sun. That's the promise he gives to me, did anyone believe promise? :)
Well, actually when first i know bout it that he go so far study, i really very very mad and sad. I also been argue with him because of this stuff many times because he promise me before that he won go anywhere far away from me before i finish my study and he also wan everyday see until me only happy. So at last, he break tis promise.....i really very angry him and also wanna give up,but at last i know why the reason he need go so far study. Is because his mom force him to go there study. First i thought why his mom wan to call him go there study, i keep annoy my boyf to call him saty here study, dun go there. Until gt one day, his mom giv me a call and scold me. Wat she say to me and what happen i think i dun nid to tell at here, because it's too complicated. After that, i'm really confused. I dont know what should i do on that moment. At last i support my boyf go there study, and i have a wish that he could company me tis two week holiday before he goin there :) He sucess it for me, so that i'm satisfied too :) Why sudd i change my mind? Hmm.... i think that i should not that selfish jus stand at my own side think and i also don't wan he stand btw me and his mom. I don wish tat he choose just only one of us and unhappy and of coz is also i think bout his future :) who don wish own boyf have better job and salary so next time won be worry bout finance. So i make tis decision and let him go :) he happy then i happy. Rite? :D

Its jus left 4 days he gonna company me, but i feel its enough ad because at least in tis two week we go many place and memory btw us :) Even i'm sick but i still keep hanging around with him because i don't wan to waste anytime even just a minute i also dun wan waste it. Hmm... i think what i can do now is support him and wait him to come bac every week :) He should concentrate on his study and also me also have to concentrate on my last term exam :)

Baby, all the best to you :) you know rite, i really love you. Maybe a far distance love will make us have some problem in tis 3 month but hope that we will face it together always. I will very happy to say goodbye to you and also wait you come bac evey week until you finish your study and continue our day :* don't worry so much to me, i will take care my own health and stay strong too. I stil have my parents to take care me and friends to company me :) You must go there without any worries and always happy. Iloveyou :* and always miss you....

will be continue....

Goonight :)

Everytime i look at the keyboard,
i see that U and I are always

Friday, July 2, 2010

chapter 4♥-my favourite place is inside your hug.


BABY, so far we ad been through 7 months together. Seriously, i don't know wat i should say to you :) Sometimes i feel that to be with you and have your love is all i ask of life. Both of us are still young, we cant hang around always and everyday because i know you have to concentrate on your job and i should pay more attention on my study :) Alrite, lastime i'm so childish that always want you always company by my side then our love will gettin stronger,but after few arguements i know that i think all that is wrong :) I begin to understand how stress and tired you work at outside compare than my school life, but baby never give up our relation and still work hard for it. Baby you're an awesome boyf for me :) I know that now we have less time hang around together, but i will always support you and keep work hard for our relation. *iloveyoubaby*

"if life is a journey then your hand
is the only one i wan to hold in
mine every step of the way"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

chapter 3 ♥-dont wait i'm gone, only realize how much you love me.

hello :)
sorry for the superb lack update, a big big apologise for all my readers and friends :)
oh i have 3 reason why i never updated my blog: problem time
3.nth to post

Alrite, this few day i will be super free to online ;) boyf is bac to hometown for his grandpa funeral so i'm dam boring at here. I will post some picture that taken on 30thmay :D Yeah, that's my birthday. This year i'm goin through wif my loves one,babes and buddayh. Its such a memorable day for me, never forget what they give such a nice memory for me. I appreciate and cherish it alots. :) And of coz i have to thanks that ppl who send me birthday msg in facebook and phones. THANKS ALL OF YOU :)

group pic:
from the left:sheanie,siew wei,zhi kang,eddie,y.xiang,w.sik.w.zhao
from the right:nephew,edwin,me,shiow min,m.yee,s.bin,k.feng
the best listener,
joey yap ;)
the one make fun with me,
siew wei :)
belle,siew wei,h.sing,yourstruly,joeyap,h.von

aww....i'm so boring right now, missin my babyboy :( i not sure when he will back but i hope before sunday he can bac to my side. Coming tis sunday is our 200th day anniversary and also his birthday :) baby, come bac as fas as possible kay. I need you by my side every moment =)

Loves you bi x3


Monday, May 3, 2010

chapter 2 ♥- Faith, Hope & Love.

you will never know how much you mean to me.

Greetings people :)

once more rest day for me today. I skipped school cause of period pain and no add maths tuition due teacher is not free :) Oh, just finish my malay essay and some add maths revision. Suddenly feel so bored right now, and my mind pop out something so i choose to bloggin :)

Alrite people, what you think bout LOVE? Hard,easy,happy or sad? :)
In my oppinion, LOVE is just lyk weather. Sometimes its a sad day like raining,sometimes argue like lightning,sometimes happy like a sunny day. Love will be not complicated if you cherish and appreciate the one you loves :)

Love is a pure happiness,it is a warm hug and comfort.
Nights of endless passion,it is a thousand words in a single glance.
Feeling safe,it is trust and encouragement.
A poem that reading between the lines and its ending unwritten.

Blog will be inactive a while, because exam is officially around the corner :)
study mood start from right now.
Shall be back with more updates after my mid-year exam :)

OFF to drama session :) BYE!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

chapter 1 ♥- i know you want me.

one day,love and friendship met
Love asked, 'why do you exist when i already exist'
Friendship smile and said, 'To put a smile where you leave tears.'

hello :)
i'm back to here blogging again. Yah, today is 2nd of May. Every year in May i will fully enjoy of it :) why? Alrite, mom and dad named me by May may, its because i born in tis month and i'm youngest in family :D So that, every year that month of May i will forget all the sadness moment that happened and refresh my mind again :) duhhh, the main thing is also the month i spent $$$, so start from now i must save money. :)

Well, let me talk bout yesterday what i have done on 1st of May-Labour day.
outings with mommy,daddy & nephew at S.Pyramid again. Its ad been few weeks i'm not going there already, so i went to seacrh for dress,high waist skirt,belt and other shirts that is suit me. :) get to bought everything i want for it :D i'm satisfied and happy that mommy and daddy never spam me because i bought lots of thing :p

Alrite, i'm also searchin for handbag too :) any brand that you guys can suggest me to buy? i want a simple and colourful bag that really suit me :D back to home sweet home to take a rest then straight head to summit take a dine with family again :) Around 8 something,boyf meet me up after finish work, then head to cinema for movie :D We watched IP MAN 2 :) Me and the boyf would like to rate it 10/10. Even daddy and mommy thumbs up too^_^ Then after finish movie around 11 something,we back to home sweet home again. Joyfull and tiring day :) -offline.

Bye :)

iloveyoubaby x3